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>.Perhaps we could do vapor-deposition coating to simulate marble with a
kind of hologram-ish surface.

>.It might be possible to use marble in a multi-stage all-abrasive automated
David-maker, but wood is cheaper and easier to machine.  

>.The original sculpture is 5.2 meters.  We should go for at least 7, then
set a production run goal at about 20 a week for the first thousand
Alternative, back to the 3D printing notion.  There is a thermal-setting
polymer which has a pearly-translucent appearance, don't know the details.
The outer surface could be printed that way.  Estimated table dimensions for
an actual size replica: about 1.5 meters.  Reasoning: a typical human height
is about 1.8 meters.  David scales to 5.2, which is close enough to triple
scale.  A guy is about half a meter at the shoulder?  Triple that gets us to
1.5 meters across.  Existing flatbed D-size pen-printers go bigger than
that, so now we just need to work out the details of the surface and outer
Thermal setting polymers currently used in 3D printing would be sturdy
enough for this purpose once we consider we only need to create an outer
shell, reinforced with honeycomb patterns inside.  Then the entire sculpture
could be moved into place easily and filled in stages through a hidden hole
with cement.
If we get right on this, we could have several ready for gift buying season
for those who have everything, including a 6 meter open space in their house
to stand an enormous nekkid guy.  We could create improved versions of
David, decircumcised, buffed up a bit for our steroid age and such.  There
is a fortune to be made here, a cool buttload of money.
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