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> The fun thing with the Simpsons and Futurama is that the creators are
> quite savvy on many research topics*.

​Speaking of cartoon shows, is anybody else a fan of the series ​"
Rick and Morty
​? I think it's one of the most scientifically literate and funniest shows
out there. It takes a certain amount of courage to make Rick, a atheistic
amoral alcoholic foul mouthed scientific genius, as your main hero. One
episode had themes similar to the movie "Inception" but went much deeper
and did a better job, and it only needed 25 minutes to do so. Another
episode had one of my favorite lines of the series that is, in the context
of the story, equal parts funny sad horrifying and true, Morty tells his

*Every Morning, I Eat Breakfast 20 Yards Away from My Own Rotting Corpse!*

Rick and Morty is by far the best science fiction show on the air today and
one of the best of all time.
Here is a review
​ by Jeff Sommers


 John K Clark   ​
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