[ExI] Maximum biological lifespan

Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 01:42:30 UTC 2016

On Aug 12, 2016 08:32, "David Lubkin" <lubkin at unreasonable.com> wrote:
> And I suppose—swiping further from hand-waving sf—there could be a life,
or even a conscious life, that was strictly a sustained energy pattern.

Isn't that what life on earth is?

Sometimes it feels pointless to even hypothesize about things like that
because there is no upper limit on the possible utter and never-ending
foreignness to humans of things that possibly exist, which means that most
of existence is incomprehensible?

So I might say that it's just as likely that a tenalp exists where efil is
sustained by ygrene.

That to me begs the question--is consciousness consciousness
consciousness?  By which I mean, is all experience experience?  Are there
any constants?

I'd like to think so; it's nicer than everything being incomprehensible.
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