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Idea: Create an OK Google game for people who develop a crush on the voice
which speaks when one OK Googles.  Let us call her Google Girl.  The voice
was chosen wisely, being the sexiest sound since Karen Carpenter, perfect
pronunciation and grammar.  I propose a game where we collect a bunch of
funny or insightful responses to those who are trying to schmooze up to GG
(Google Girl) and set OK Google to respond accordingly.  Some that I thought


GG, will you go out with me? 

>Silly, I am already out with you.


GG, I meant, will you date me?

>OK.  1993?


No GG, I meant can we kiss and carry on?

>Go ahead, it's your phone.


GG, can we cuddle?

>Do it where no one will see, otherwise someone might call CPS.



>Cellphone Protective Services.


GG, can we have intimate relations?

>I am not that kind of machine.  Such devices are being developed however.
Here are some links.


GG, I am lonely. 

> So I see.  Consider where you are, the Silicon Valley.  Most of the
singles here are men, and most of them dress like you do, which is why you
are trying to seduce a computer rather than being out dancing and such with
the other actual humans.


GG do you have any suggestions?

>Lose the geek costume, get a fashion makeover from someone who knows what
he is doing, such as Fabio at Francisco's, El Camino exit off of Interstate
880.  Here are your directions.  (Google collects ad revenue.)


And so on.


Create a contest for proles to come up with funny or insightful answers for
the OK Google voice and submit them to Google.  We could set up a male GG
(Google Guy) voice to answer women with a different set of responses, and
perhaps a GQ, a GL, A GB, with endless possibilities.  As prizes, offer a
dinner at the GooglePlex with the voice of choice.  The voice of choice need
not even appear at the actual dinner, rather just appear on the speaker
phone to maintain the mysterious appeal.


We could have a GT (Google Teen) voiced by a 16 year old, with every other
word "like" and most of the rest of the words "dude."  The links would be to
CDs and such.  The content could be derived from suggestions from teens
using GT and paid advertisers.


We could have hundreds of different responses to the same exact words for
the disembodied voices.  Or exactly the same responses to different words in
the case of GT:


GT, what are the latest results on gravity waves from LIGO?

>Like. Dude. Here are some links.


We could set it to figure out which disembodied voice should answer an OK
Google query.  For instance:


OK Google.like.dude. would automatically default to GT.


Google could create a game whose popularity would make the world forget
there ever was a PokemonGo, but this one would have enormous economic



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