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>… On Behalf Of John Clark


​>… Pulitzer Prize winning Politifact ​says Donald Trump was lying when he made it:





Quote from the article:


>>…The bottom line: While the connections between the Clinton Foundation and the Russian deal may appear fishy, there’s simply no proof of any quid pro quo.


Hmmm, imagine that: no proof.  Gone, like the undergarments of Thomas Alfred Taylor.   Whatever might have happened to that proof?


Politifact is making a strong statement with their title:


Donald Trump inaccurately suggests Clinton got paid to approve Russia uranium deal


So where is Politifact’s proof of that?  Does not Politifact realize that when Ms. Clinton apparently destroyed the evidence (in the Russia uranium deal, not the Taylor case) she took upon herself the burden of proof of her innocence any time anything looks fishy.  Now, nearly everything she does appears fishy.  Everything Nixon did suddenly appeared fishy as soon as we learned of the missing 18 minutes of yoga and wedding plans.


This burden of proof will likely prove heavy indeed: America does not trust this person.  We saw where the leaders of an entire major party conspired to defeat her challengers, then when caught, they were fired.  But the dubious result was left to stand.  That in itself brings about a whole genre of new and troubling questions about what happens if that party’s presumed candidate is presumed elected. 


>…But screw honesty…


Counter-suggestion: do not screw honesty.


>… sanity is vastly more important…


Suggestion: do not screw sanity.


>…and Donald Trump is nuts.​  John K Clark


So don’t vote for him.  That was easy.  Hear the footsteps, John.  Especially in the likely event you live in a free state, hear the footsteps.  This election will likely destroy both of the mainstream parties, and good riddance to both.  What will fill that vacuum?


My apologies, I didn’t mean to restart this distasteful (but in my opinion highly relevant here) discussion.











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