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​> ​
> John, it’s simple.  Clinton sold government favors while SoS, got crazy
> rich from it

And yet none of Clinton's
​ill gotten ​
crazy riches showed up in any of her tax returns since
​ ​
1977 nor of those of the Clinton Foundation which according to Fox news and
AM radio
​right wing ​
talk shows is a criminal syndicate
more evil than ISIS.

> >  If she had nothing to hide, why didn’t she use the State Department
> server for State Department business?

​Because, as she admitted, she was careless and made a stupid mistake;
stupid but not as stupid as ordering the military to torture and murder the
children of people the US government does't like even when the army says
they will mutant if they are given such a order. And not as stupid as
We should have kept the oil
​" when the USA invaded Iraq in 2003 ​because "
to the victor belonged the spoils
​"​; and not as stupid as believing that doing so could be done without
​ stationing half a million American troops in Iraq and watching tens of
thousands of them die each year in combat and turning Iraq into a terrorism
generator far beyond anything seen in the world has ever seen.
And now I have a question for you, if she had something to hide why didn't
she spend 45 seconds and just open a anonymous Gmail account?   ​

> > The Clintons amassed a personal fortune of over 200 million dollars

​According to ​
​ ​it's 55 million.

> ​> ​
> starting with nothing, without an actual company, without a product

​JK Rowling is worth well north of a billion dollars; ​a ex-president's
books and speeches are never going to be as popular as Harry Potter but he
can still make money.

​> ​
> Hillary’s corruption dwarfs any other candidate, successfully elected or
> otherwise, in the complete history of the USA.

Wow that's quite a charge! Odd that James Comey
George W Bush's
Deputy Attorney General
​ and current Republican head of the FBI, couldn't find anything in her
behavior that was worth worth prosecuting.  ​

> > We will understand how it was that Huma Abedin was pulling down a huge
> State Department salary

​Ah, ​

​I don't think anybody in the State Department pulls down a huge salary.​

> > while being a paid consultant to other interests, and why it was that no
> one caught that, or if they did, they didn’t speak up.  Where was the IRS
> then?

​I don't know any of the details but apparently the IRS ​didn't find
anything interesting in it, and they still don't.

> >
>> ​>​
>> It's as if you were drowning and somebody tosses you a life preserver but
>> you refuse to grab it because you don't like the color.
> ​> ​
> Oh dear.  The Clintons are now being compared to a life preserver

I think it
a rather good metaphor
if I do say so myself. Hillary Clinton
is the only thing standing between us and a mad Commander In Chief of a
nuclear armed nation. You may wish there was something else, I do too, but
that's all we've got and it's far more important to avoid a dreadful
president than it is to elect a good one or even a great one because there
is a ceiling to good but there is no bottom to bad.

> ​> ​
> the difference between them being one is crazy and the other is criminal.

​I don't think Hillary is a criminal but let's superpose she is. We know
for a fact that in the nuclear age we can survive a criminal president
because we've already done so, but we've never had a crazy president and
it's far from clear we can survive one.

> ​> ​
> It’s time to hear the footsteps and vote our conscience.

​I am of the opinion that my life and that of billions of others is more
important than my conscience. ​

​> ​
> My apologies, I know this kind of discussion doesn’t really belong here,
> and I am theoretically the one responsible for enforcing it.

​No need to apologize, I think the discussion does belong here, and now is
the time to have it.There is no point in discussing what we should do in a
billion years when the sun becomes a red giant if a man who never heard a
conservancy theory he didn't believe takes command on the most powerful
nuclear arsenal on the planet in 5 months.

 John K Clark    ​
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