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​>…Just like most members of this list Stein thinks it's more important to attack Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump…


John, it’s simple.  Clinton sold government favors while SoS, got crazy rich from it then attempted to destroy the evidence.  We think someone has that evidence.  We don’t know what will happen when those who have that evidence issue conflicting orders.


>…It's also interesting that free trade was at one time considered a important topic and Clinton supports free trade…


Ja, free trade in government favors.  Access to power in exchange for donations.  We get that.


>… Clinton has received much more criticism around here than all 3 put together…


We don’t criticize free trade.  That part we like.  We oppose government corruption.  Remember that stuff Julian Assange used to post here?  He was all about cleaning up government by shining the light on it.


>.. And yet it's Hillary who's crooked not Trump…


I never claimed Trump wasn’t crooked.  Check out the eminent domain deals.  Eminent domain is a legal abuse of power, which should be considered crooked.


>… it's Hillary who has something to hide not Trump…


You mean with a cloth or something?  If she had nothing to hide, why didn’t she use the State Department server for State Department business?  Answer: it would be automatically stored and out of her control.  If she had nothing to hide, why did she attempt to wipe those yoga routines, instead of handing them over to a panel of judges sworn to not leak those yoga routines and wedding plans, not even the love notes to Bill.


I think you are right on Trump: the reason he doesn’t hand over his tax returns is that he isn’t really a billionaire.  If he isn’t rich, he has no real credentials.  My guess is that he isn’t really all that rich, probably not as rich as the Clintons.  The Clintons amassed a personal fortune of over 200 million dollars starting with nothing, without an actual company, without a product, without anything one can point to as capital assets other than artifacts looted from the White House.  If being rich is a credential, the Clintons may have beaten Trump, without even selling anything one easily define.



>…Oh and by the way, Trump is quite obviously crazy but never mind that little detail, let's see if we can think of more bad things to say about Hillary…


Julian Assange may arrange for Hillary to say bad things about Hillary.  Notice he hasn’t bluffed yet.  And we don’t even know what the Russians have that Assange doesn’t.  We don’t even have a good way of determining if the leaked info is genuine.  Think about that one for a minute, all the potential mischief just from having a plausible story involving who knows what depth of corruption.



>… I don't get the magnitude of the hatred aimed at Hillary that dwarfs that of any other candidate…


Hillary’s corruption dwarfs any other candidate, successfully elected or otherwise, in the complete history of the USA.  The sheer magnitude of it: Nixon erased 18 minutes of audio and was ridden out of town on a rail.  Clinton has tens of thousands of emails containing material important enough to attempt to destroy even while it was under subpoena, and we still are not even allowed to see what was in there, as we are asked to vote.  


The potential damage once that starts coming out is difficult to even estimate, but once we see it, no one will again wonder why all the clearly illegal attempts to destroy that evidence were undertaken.  We will understand more clearly the role of Brian Pagliano the Fifth.  We will understand how it was that Huma Abedin was pulling down a huge State Department salary while being a paid consultant to other interests, and why it was that no one caught that, or if they did, they didn’t speak up.  Where was the IRS then?  Perhaps we will find out why it was a terrible crime for VP Cheney to be listed on a board of directors (inactive) while in government service, yet somehow it is OK for Abedin to be actively working for private interests while pulling down a government salary equivalent to a military general, all without apparent qualifications.  The blatant hypocrisy is appalling.



>…even a crazy one. It's as if you were drowning and somebody tosses you a life preserver but you refuse to grab it because you don't like the color. …John K Clark


Oh dear.  The Clintons are now being compared to a life preserver, oy vey.


John if I am found dead of no apparent cause, do let me assure you sir, it is bogus to the core, not that anyone could actually do anything.  I would be Syme from Nineteen Eighty Four.  I am in perfect health (thanks) BP 120/80, I love life!  I love life more than life itself!  Or… perhaps exactly equal to life itself, but I don’t do any drugs, not even alcohol, don’t smoke, eat light, I drive sanely in a Detroit with lots of airbags, sleep in my own bed every night and always have, I have no known adversaries.  But I am calling out the painfully obvious in what is perhaps the riskiest behavior I have ever indulged: this heavily armed nation runs a very high risk of electing the most corrupt government in its history.  Both the major parties have put forth undesirables while rejecting those far more qualified and less scary, all while being assured on all sides that third parties can never win, that government is the private property of the Republican and Democrat parties and always will be, others need not apply, regardless of how bad the majors are and regardless of how good are the alternatives.  All this while we witness one of the major parties self-destruct, and other party nominate a candidate by cheating (then when caught, they fire three or four individuals but let the result stand.)  


I for one am not buying it.  I do not accept that America must be forced to choose between a liberal war hawk and a liberal war hawk, with the difference between them being one is crazy and the other is criminal.  It’s time to hear the footsteps and vote our conscience.


My apologies, I know this kind of discussion doesn’t really belong here, and I am theoretically the one responsible for enforcing it.







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