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> ### Anything that "smashes" the statin hypothesis is complete baloney.
> Statins lower all-cause mortality in specified populations in multiple
> large randomized placebo-controlled trials. This is the end of story. There
> is no "statin hypothesis", there are only statin facts.

Sorry for the delayed reaction, here.

The "statin hypothesis" is that treating cholesterol above a certain level
with statins is medically recommended. That level has been consistently
lowered over the years. The fact that statins lower all-cause mortality in
specified populations doesn't "prove" the statin hypothesis unless the
specified population is "everyone with cholesterol level over N", which
doesn't seem to be the case. From a quick google, it appears the population
helped is those with non-obstructive coronary artery disease. Lowering
mortality is great, but how much is it lowered and at what cost? Statins
aren't without side effects.

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