[ExI] candidates and psychopathy

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All highly speculative, of course.  I said I was going to stop this, but this article will interest many of you, I am sure.


bill w



No worries BillW.  This nightmare of an election season will be over in three months.  Then we get to wake up to a new and worse nightmare.


In that link you sent, notice the scores of Bernie Sanders.  Note that he is in the same neighborhood as George Washington and Margaret Thatcher, Lincoln, Ghandi.  Now compare with the others, who fit with Idi Amin, Adolph Hitler, Henry VIII and that distasteful neighborhood.  And then note that Sanders’ party cheated to hand the nomination to his competitor.  Then when caught by hackers, they apologize (sort of (weakly)) fire three conspirators, compare the hacking to the Watergate burglary… then let the result stand.  They wonder why they are accused in advance of cheating in the main event.


Then ponder that it never seems to cross the mind of the researcher to have Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in the study, who will be on the ballot in every state, rather than Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, who will be on none of them.


Please sir, what is wrong with this picture?





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