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> On 2016-08-18 17:32, William Flynn Wallace wrote:
> Given that, we cannot define irrational behavior.  spike
> Weight in on this Anders - please?
> Huh? I thought Caplans definition is pretty clear. There is epistemic rationality - trying to believe true things - and instrumental rationality - trying to choose the most effective means to get one's goals. People can fail at these, and then we may say they are irrational…  Ja.
> BillW, remember the first time you fell crazy in love?  Sure you do.  We all remember that time, we remember the best time we fell in love.  Fortune are those for whom the first time and the best time was the same event.
> OK now.  In light of that experience… Remember all the stunning illogical ways of “thinking” you did, all the silly goofy decisions you made, the things you said, oy vey.  My bride holds each of these dear in her memory.  It worked out well, all of it.  Illogical acts are sometimes perfecly logical, certainly from my son’s point of view.

I feel you're confusing pleasant and fortunate with logical there. ;)


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