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>...Note that Burke does not mention suffrage. Good men must associate in response to the combination of evil but there is no simple recipe as to the most appropriate form of participation.

Ohhh this was an excellent post Rafal.  Thanks Doctor!


>...I pride myself on being resistant to propaganda. I am ornery, I bristle, I don't let them get into my mind. I am meek when directly confronted with real power but I sneak out and away when they are not looking. Why should I lend legitimacy to a system that gave us a choice between Clinton and Trump?

Ja.  Notice after all this time, there is no serious effort to make our voting system verifiable?  We have no way of comparing the results from mail-in ballots to the results from the voting-day paper ballots to the results from the mystery-machine vote.  I think I know why: if there is a vastly different outcome from those three, someone would have some 'splainin to do.  

The "winner" of every election has no motive to question the methods or results and the loser has no authority.

That we still have unverifiable election results speak volumes.

>..Be more like me, don't let the jerks drag you in their schemes. If there are few of us, it does not matter if we vote but if there were enough of us, we could hang together and make small steps to a better world.

>...Be good, don't vote for bad.

Well done Rafal.  Well done indeed.  Don't risk waking up one day with the realization you are working for the bad guys.


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