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>...Ja.  Notice after all this time, there is no serious effort to make our
voting system verifiable?  We have no way of comparing the results from
mail-in ballots to the results from the voting-day paper ballots to the
results from the mystery-machine vote.  I think I know why: if there is a
vastly different outcome from those three, someone would have some 'splainin
to do...spike

Ja, OK sure spike.  But imagine if we had a way to compare those, and we saw
a big disparity in the results; the mail-ins and verifiable re-countable
paper ballots showed that Schnorkelheimer won by a big margin but the
electronic voting showed Hozenose picked up just enough to take the
election.  Hozenose would have some 'splainin to do, ja?

But what would she 'splain?  And what if her 'splanation is
easily-recognized dismissive flim flam, then what?  If Hozenose offers
really annoying dismissive comments (such as "What difference does it
make?") then what?  There is no legal way to redo the election.  This would
be right out of Saul Alinsky: winning dirty is winning.  Losing by excessive
honesty leads to irrelevance.

The honest lose and we never hear from them again.  Corrupt power-grabbers
win via corrupt means, and use their power to grab even more power.  Result:
corrupt government evolves by unnatural selection.

We end up working for the bad guys.

OK so now imagine one government ruling the world.  What would be different?


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