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This approach meets all the FLAVOR requirements for elections and is so easy to do, even tiny little microscopic spike66 thought of it.  We haven’t even yet heard your still better ideas.  spike


I see in the news where some states have attempted to make it more difficult for some voters to vote, by enacting all sorts of rules and time limits, etc.  MS has done so.  Motor voter and all that. 


I also see in the news the question:  why are all these things necessary?  There hasn't been a slue of voting irregularities noted anywhere in this state or the others where such laws are attempted.


Your response?


bill w



BillW, how would we know?  How do these news agencies who make such claims know election fraud is not currently taking place?  What evidence do they offer?  If voting regularity is at the machine level how would we catch it or know it is going on?  Why is it that we have no means of systematically comparing the voting result from mail-in ballots vs in-person paper voting vs in-person machine voting?  If those results disagree, why do they disagree and which favors which party?  Where are these laws that make it more difficult for some voters, and what voters are those, and why is it more difficult for those voters and why?


Looks to me like a FLAVOR poll would make it easier for all voters legally entitled to cast a vote.  With such a system, homeless people could vote, once.  One can be homeless in as many states as one wants.  I am currently homeless in 49 states, homeful in one.  Some people live in RVs, so they can tour the purple states and be homeless in all of them.  Nothing explicitly precludes homeless people from voting.  FLAVOR-compliant elections would allow the voting to be extended arbitrarily since admission to the ballot box one time would be controlled by biometrics.  This would make it easier for legal voters everywhere, easier to cast one vote.  Much harder to cast many or cast votes illegally such as in multiple states.


By the way, BillW, can you offer me a link to that law you referenced that restricts minorities from voting?  Google doesn’t seem to know about it.


I also see in the news the question:  why are all these things necessary? 


Hmmm, I will give you a minute to ponder that one.  Eh, no I won’t.  FLAVOR elections are necessary because WE DON’T TRUST the person likely to be elected this time.  We distrust both of them.  We distrust the current election process, because it seems to go out of its way to be covert and unverifiable  We are being asked to take the word of a party already caught cheating to favor one candidate.  We have a mainstream candidate who is already hurling accusations of cheating if he loses, but not if he wins.  Well, OK how do we answer him?  We can’t.  


But we can see that a fair FLAVOR-compliant election could easily be designed and implemented universally.  It could have been a long time ago, but we didn’t.  No one seems to be doing it now, nor are there any plans to do so in the future, for a perfectly understandable reason: the winner has a vested interest in keeping the current system and the loser’s attitude is irrelevant, for he is out of power. 


Result:  dishonesty survives to reproduce, corruption evolves.



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