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>>…as few as three or four fellers with ropes and AKs could show up, use the latter to slay everyone in the joint,  spike


>…Been to the Uffizi lately?  When I went there was a startling number of guards in and out with Uzis.  billw




Ja.  Their strategy would be to get their own guys hired as guards.  Then on command, they flee in all directions.  Not that I am paranoid or anything, but if we fail to foresee the reasonable possibilities, the things valuable to us in this world are likely going to be a fading memory.


BillW, you might be old enough to remember the immortal (almost) Casey Kasem, whiling away our misspent youth counting down Americaaaaaaan Top Fortyyyyyy…  


Casey’s real name is Kemal Amen Kasem, whose family is from Lebanon.  His twin brother Ammed returned to the homeland, but the two so far geographically separated took similar career paths, with Ammed still hosting Arabiaaaan Top Fortyyyy.


The other day I was listening to it and heard a tune which reminded me of one from my own misspent youth.  Not understanding the language, I played it into that nifty voice-recognition Google translate function.  The translated words came back as follows:



Down doobeedoo down down,

David’s coming down doobeedoodown down down,

Breakin’ up is whaaaat he’ll do


Don’t stand next toooo

That white statue,

Or risk that it will fall on you,

Then we fidels will start anew,

‘Cause breakin’ up is what he’ll do…


We’ll do moooore than just a try,

The guards with guns are gonna die,

We’ll have no moooore big nekkid guy,

Cause breakin’ up is what he’ll do…


Or something like that.  Of course one can never trust these online translation programs.  It might have been one of those swingy fun dance tunes so popular in that part of the world and just sounded like something that translated this way.


A semi-serious note on such a grim topic (sheesh): a bunch of guys out front of the museum with Uzis is a start, but it is easy enough to foresee that still more guys with still more guns could succeed in ridding our world of a stunning and priceless work of art, and it isn’t just Michelangelo’s work at risk.  We are seeing irreplaceable antiquities smashed to shards today.  By Keith’s observations, this unimaginable destruction could kick into high gear.




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