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> It wouldn't matter if David toppled if first you used a ultraviolet 
> LIDAR to make precise measurements of the statue, because then you 
> could use a 3D printer to make as many Davids as you want...

I think this was John Clark's notion, even though it has my name above it.

>...I've seen this suggestion a few times on this list, so apparently y'all
aren't aware that this work has been done already at Stanford...

Wooohoooo!  Go Stanford!  You guys are really on the ball up there.  And you
don't even gobble up my tax dollars.  Life is goooood...

>...Anyway, high-res scans are available.



Chris, if I hadn't already beaten this subject to death, do allow me to take
another whack, orthogonal to the 3D mapping problem.

David was an Israelite, who today we call Israelis, a slight variation in
vocabulary.  His enormous adversary Goliath was a Philistine; today he would
be called a Palestinian.

In light of these observations, is it any wonder that the real art is locked
away out of public view, while the one on display is a replica?

So back then, Israelite vs Philistine.  Now, Israeli vs Palestinian.  Shows
to go ya: some things never change.  Well, OK they do: now the Israelis have
nukes.  The original story has the little shepherd boy David defeating the
big Goliath using technology.  Today, well, some things really never change.
In the long run, superior technology always wins.  Be the side with the most
and best technology.


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