[ExI] Trump's lies

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Well, in Stein's case...... https://twitter.com/drjillstein/status/715230945679380481

"Nuclear power plants = weapons of mass destruction waiting to be detonated. Time to shut them down. #EndNukes"









Thanks for that Will.  I may have been taken in by Stein because of her looks.  She is far better looking than Johnson.  {8^D


It surprises me that a Green would oppose nuclear plants however.  They are the cleanest energy we know how to make other than space based solar.  I woulda thought Greens would be in favor of them.  I won’t vote for Stein just for being attractive.


I haven’t studied Stein’s position on energy.  Do you know how she proposes to replace coal?  Has she any idea of the land are we will need to blanket with those things if we try to go that route?




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