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>…If so then a rations person would pick President Corrupt 

​… but exactly what has Clinton done that is so corrupt? …  John K Clark



Well, let’s see, there are so many scandals now, I need a rolodex to even keep track of them.  Apparently communications have leaked showing Huma Abedin was working with Dennis Cheng on Clinton Foundation business.  He is being accused of supplying Clinton Foundation donor information with Abedin, making it perfectly clear to the Foundation supporters what they were getting for their “donations.”  


The investigations are now racketeering related rather than merely compromising national security.  We knew it was happening already, but the leaked memos are proof: Clinton was selling access, and funneling the profit through her “non-profit” organization.  Mysteriously, Clinton seemed eager to erase the evidence which would have exonerated her.  Nixon did that too a long time ago.  That vast right-wing conspiracy, the FBI, is very interested in these latest findings.







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