[ExI] The Clinton Foundation was a means of gaining access

Dan TheBookMan danust2012 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 23:10:16 UTC 2016


Some believe there's nothing to see here. And surely this is how politics works and has worked for as long as any of us have been around. Yet this is something that would be viewed as immoral and corrupt by _conventional_ moral standards. (Whether it's illegal, of course, depends on the particular legal framework. If the best one can argue is that something was legal, well, one needn't be reminded that what's legal depends on the whims of the legislature and of judges.)

Now, that said, one can still argue that a corrupt Clinton would be better than the alternatives, but please let's not pretend Clinton isn't corrupt simply because of fear her adversary might win. That would be _irrational_ in the epistemic sense.


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