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On Wed, Aug 24, 2016 at 7:37 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

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> The exchange between Dennis Cheng and Huma Abedin regarding Clinton
> Foundation donors was written on 11 June 2012.  Huma Abedin was at that
> moment employed as a high level State Department employee, Clinton’s
> personal assistant.

​Somebody at the State Department ​talked with somebody at a philanthropic
foundation. What's illegal or immoral about that?

​> ​
> This is conflict of interest.

​What interest does the State Department have that is in conflict with what
the Clinton Foundation wants? Exactly what preferential treatment did ​
​the Clinton Foundation get from State Department?

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> Mrs Clinton needs to prove her innocence
​You have no evidence of ​
​guilt but you demand she prove her innocence, and even worse you can't
even say exactly (or even approximately) what the crime is that she needs
to prove her innocent of.

Look Spike I don't think​
​is the greatest person in the world either, she only looks great
when compared with Trump, but neither Bill nor Hillary have ever drawn
a salary from the foundation or made any money off it in any other
way. Demonizing the Clinton Foundation as some sort of sinister
crime organization is just silly.    ​

John K Clark
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