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>…  Huma Abedin once worked for the State Department but resigned and now works for the Clinton campaign. ​What's illegal or immoral in that? …John K. Clark



The exchange between Dennis Cheng and Huma Abedin regarding Clinton Foundation donors was written on 11 June 2012.  Huma Abedin was at that moment employed as a high level State Department employee, Clinton’s personal assistant.  This is conflict of interest.


The evidence Mr. Nix… er… Mrs Clinton needs to prove her innocence was apparently wiped away accidentally with the yoga and wedding plans.


This appears to be pay to play, racketeering, RICO stuff.  Access to the State Department in exchange for donations.  When Clinton erased that yoga, she took on herself the burden of proof of her innocence.  That burden is getting heavier every day.


I hear the approaching footsteps.






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