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I have been requested to suggest strict subject line discipline for those who wish to indulge in US politics.  Propose we write subject lines such that anyone who wants to spare themselves the feelings of hopeless despair many of us have experienced in the past several months can easily recognize the post as political content, thanks.  s




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> >…Exactly what preferential treatment did ​the Clinton Foundation get from State Department? 


>…We won’t know that until the FBI can recover the rest of that yoga, or the Russians show up with it in December.  What do we do then?  What if they show up with it in January?


​> >…Mrs Clinton needs to prove her innocence


​>…You have no evidence of ​guilt but you demand she prove her innocence…John K Clark



Mrs. Clinton put government property on her private server which is illegal.  When she did that, everything on that server is subject to subpoena.  When Judicial Watch finally got that subpoena, Mrs. Clinton said “…the server will remain private…”  instead of handing over the whole thing right then, right there.  That told us everything we needed to know: she has something to hide.  What was it?  Perhaps a copy of the contract explaining why Huma Abedin was being paid the salary of a Brigadier General with the qualifications of a Lieutenant?  Civil service is very strict on that; such things must be carefully documented.  


I want to see where someone wrote in a contract where it was Huma’s job to arrange meetings with the State Department for wealthy Clinton Foundation donors hoping to buy access.  If that isn’t in a signed contract, why do you suppose she was being paid all that money?  What is in her contract?  Where is that contract?  How did they review, verify or audit that contract?  When?  Who signed off on it?  Abedin and Clinton were civil servants, they had rules to follow.  They broke them.  As the process was explained to me when I took the contracting course, if they can’t produce documentation or verification of that employment arrangement, Abedin faces disbarment from any government job and Clinton faces 1 to 5 in Club Fed 


As soon as Clinton started erasing the evidence, some of which was State Department related, she is destroying US government property, which is illegal.


Ja, she now has taken on herself the burden of proving her innocence, and that is pretty hard to do when that proof was the entire contents of that server, which she attempted to partially erase.  Imagine that: she attempted to destroy the evidence needed to prove her own innocence.  I am beginning to suspect that Nixon might have had something other than yoga on his 18 minutes of missing audio as well.


John we are in for a rough ride, my fellow American.






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