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Now, my view is that what makes for a great evil laugh is that it 
expresses the joyful feeling of power. It should be pure Will to Power 
made manifest. Yes, a sneaky laugh followed by steepled fingers and 
"excellent..." is enjoyable, but it is inhibited, not reveling in 
bending the world to one's will. Great evil laughter is a whole body 
experience, where every cell is shouting with triumph.

This is of course why it is regarded as evil by life-denying 
philosophies that find pride and hubris evil.

There is also cruel laughter, stimulated by the misfortune or suffering 
of somebody else. But that makes the laugher's mirth depend on somebody 
else, who could cut it short just by stopping suffering (being a mental 
state it may well be in their power to do so). The proper evil laugh is 
independent of external circumstances: yes, maybe those meddling kids 
sabotaged the plan and the secret hideout is collapsing around you, but 
you can still laugh about the glorious destruction around you!

Muhahahhahaha!!! Next time! NEXT TIME!

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> Hacking a voting machine is a crime.  Which party would be favored by 
> criminals?
> spike
> >… Do you mean the criminals in the Republican or Democratic party?
> ):)
> Both. Notice that neither of those parties have done much to drive 
> change.  They apparently wish to continue the current locked duopoly 
> on power indefinitely.  If you need more digits of precision on that 
> answer, look for which party is more favorable to ballot box 
> accountability, and which is more resistant.
> >…bill w  (right - I do not know how to do an icon - I tried for evil smile)
> Ja, icons are not that good for expressing evil mirth.  I have long 
> struggled to express that sentiment graphically.  We have
> }8-] and }8-)  which are better than nothing, but it falls so far 
> short of the brilliant evil smirk by the Grinch when he hatched the 
> plot to raid Whoville:
> https://www.google.com/search?q=grinch+evil+smile&biw=930&bih=649&tbm=isch&imgil=J-3N09UuF24pfM%253A%253BsU7mlRQ0KcBrLM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fevil.wikia.com%25252Fwiki%25252FEvil_Grin&source=iu&pf=m&fir=J-3N09UuF24pfM%253A%252CsU7mlRQ0KcBrLM%252C_&usg=__jDjObxCFqD_hD6knkRlIG-mK16A%3D&ved=0ahUKEwiT-eau9tzOAhVJlR4KHRgSAe4QyjcIJQ&ei=dBS_V5PvCsmqepikhPAO#imgrc=J-3N09UuF24pfM%3A
> THAT’s evil!
> In email, most of the time I fall back on text-ized sound effects, 
> such as muwaahahahahahaaa or buwaahahahahaha, but there is no 
> standardized spelling for an evil laugh (even on Evil-Wiki (I never 
> knew such a thing existed until today)) nor does either spelling look 
> all that much like the one usually credited with the original evil 
> laugh, Colin Clive as Dr. Frankenstein in the original 1931 version.
> However… if you view that original, you note several things lost on 
> modern audiences.  For starters, Dr. Henry Frankenstein wasn’t 
> actually evil at all, merely drunk on power.  These are similar in 
> some ways, but are two distinct things: power drunkenness is far more 
> dangerous than mere evil. For that matter, Frankenstein’s assistant 
> Igor wasn’t actually evil either, just grossly incompetent.  He didn’t 
> mean to bring back the wrong brain and couldn’t help his posture.
> Also lost on modern audiences: Hank Frankenstein not only wasn’t 
> really evil, he was one hellllll of a doctor.  This guy, working alone 
> (or rather with only one physically challenged assistant) sewed 
> together body parts and made a living human!  And never does he 
> actually utter the comment “Buwaahaaahahaa…”  He exclaims in 
> uncontained elation “It’s alive!  It’s alive!”  etc, but never 
> Bwaahaaahaaa.  Well hell, who wouldn’t?  If I could do that, I would 
> be far less self-controlled than Hank Frankenstein.  We would be 
> shrieking for Igor to go find the phone number for the Nobel Prize 
> committee and see if any of the local mortuaries are up for sale, that 
> kinda thing.  Dr. Frankenstein was the good guy!
> OK so he was (understandably) power drunk, and so he had to dig up 
> corpses to do that bit of creative magic, but hell, if a doctor could 
> really do all that, I would donate any part or parts of my corpse he 
> wanted (below the neck.)  On second thought, retract, I would donate 
> my corpse above the neck.  Here ya go, Doc, use this brain, where do I 
> sign?  Give it… that guy’s arms, that guy’s legs, that guy’s… uh…
> All this brings up a rather fundamental question: If Henry 
> Frankenstein was such a terrific doctor, creating a living human from 
> parts of corpses, why the hell couldn’t he do something, anything, for 
> Igor’s painfully misshapen back?
> BillW, voting machines are a very painful topic for me.  A bit of 
> technology mirth is a welcome thing.  We hafta laugh, otherwise we weep.
> spike
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