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Now, my view is that what makes for a great evil laugh is that it expresses
the joyful feeling of power. It should be pure Will to Power made manifest.
Yes, a sneaky laugh followed by steepled fingers and "excellent..." is
enjoyable, but it is inhibited, not reveling in bending the world to one's
will. Great evil laughter is a whole body experience, where every cell is
shouting with triumph. This is of course why it is regarded as evil by
life-denying philosophies that find pride and hubris evil. Anders



Such as this?


For you Underdog virgins who do not recognize this character, it is Simon
bar Sinister, the mad scientist whose ambition is to absolute power.  In
nearly every episode, he comes up with some device which he struggles to
perfect, at which time he utters the trope:  .then I, Simon bar Sinister,
I saw them as a child, but as a young adult I saw for the first time Jimmy
Stewart in the 1940s classic It's a Wonderful Life.  The bad guy in that was
the voice of bar Sinister.  So I finally got the joke all those years later
that Simon was a parody of Mr. Potter from Wonderful Life, but with far more
modest ambitions: merely to rule Bedford Falls.
Compare the bar Sinister images with Mr. Potter.  Any similarities?
In any case, bar Sinister's evil laugh as he manipulates the weather machine
in the graphic above is perhaps the best expression of Anders' joyful
feeling of power.
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