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> http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/dog-spies/the-common-wisdom-about-
> dog-nipples-is-wrong/?WT.mc_id=SA_WR_20160817
> I esp. like the reference to 'Ontogeny of teat fidelity in pigs...........'
> Ain't the web great?  And it's probably your government in action
> supporting these researchers.  Shade of (what's his name from Wisconsin, I
> think, that had a committee long ago to catch stupid gov. spending - could
> have been a different state -some of you will remember)

Ah, this tired old tactic: pull up research of marginal utility, hype it up
as if the low utility to most people is the measure of utility to all
people, and imply that all or even most government research funding is that
poorly spent.

 (Except in this case it isn't even that useless.  Basic info about
mammalian babies and how they are raised leads to improvement in child care
for the very youngest of us.  Or, on a more direct level, this information
may be useful for helping figure out health or nutritional problems in
young animals, especially puppies - or are you anti-puppy?  Improved pet
health leads directly to improved mental health of and other health
benefits to the owner, if you need a justification it in terms of benefits
to humans.)
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