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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 13:47:50 UTC 2016

>> I esp. like the reference to 'Ontogeny of teat fidelity in
>> pigs...........'
>> Ain't the web great?  And it's probably your government in action
>> supporting these researchers.  Shade of (what's his name from Wisconsin, I
>> think, that had a committee long ago to catch stupid gov. spending - could
>> have been a different state -some of you will remember)
> Ah, this tired old tactic: pull up research of marginal utility, hype it
> up as if the low utility to most people is the measure of utility to all
> people, and imply that all or even most government research funding is that
> poorly spent.
>  (Except in this case it isn't even that useless.  Basic info about
> mammalian babies and how they are raised leads to improvement in child care
> for the very youngest of us.  Or, on a more direct level, this information
> may be useful for helping figure out health or nutritional problems in
> young animals, especially puppies - or are you anti-puppy?  Improved pet
> health leads directly to improved mental health of and other health
> benefits to the owner, if you need a justification it in terms of benefits
> to humans.)
> ​Adrian, you are entirely too serious.  But thanks for the info.  Did you
not take this as a joke?

Far from being anti-puppy, I have owned as many as four dogs at one time,
and 12 cats (mostly kittens then - had to slide my feet into the kitchen in
the morning because of the kittens bum's rush on me - what is a bum's rush

No one knows better than a psychologist about government funding of
projects that look goofy from the eyes of the ignorant.  Many people
objected to funding of research into happiness.

bill w​

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