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Is this cool or what?




The challenge is to make it low enough cost to cover the few bucks worth of
vegetables the average prole could produce in the backyard.  I notice the ad
seems to be vaguely aligned to the boutique crowd: people give away the
vegetables, or raise them with no pesticides and such.  


The cool advantage of this kind of system is that it would allow growing
vegetables mixed together without any particular user knowledge base
required.  So everybody doesn't just produce piles of zucchini, as is the
current situation.  


Another angle this farmbot gets that I missed in my previous speculations:
if you have the bot only sow, weed and irrigate, but not harvest, the
control problem is an order of magnitude easier, and the materials cost goes
waaaay down.  It still takes a human to harvest the veggies.  Perfect!  It
is aimed at small scales, small places, ideal for growing victory gardens in
the backyard but not yet commercial scale.



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