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>...Twenty years is not such a long time.  We have aaaaaalll the technology
we need, right now.  Alllllll we need to do is gather the right hipsters
with the right expertise.  We need a motion-icons guy, a speech recognition
guy, a text to speech guy, we need a script writer which I can do to some
extent or we can pool our efforts and make it crowd-sourced content.  Who
here knows how to take a big lookup table and make it pass input/output to a
talking icon? ... DAVAI, DAVAI, DAVAI!  spike  

Check out this.  This icon is young and gorgeous, but imagine we can make
her old and, well gorgeous is still perfectly acceptable:


If we can do the rest of it but not age the icon, we can use this one: I
don't want to get hung up on this step.  I guess we can sigh and resignedly
accept that our digital companion must be young and gorgeous (alas, how
shall we cope, etc.)

Now if we can just figure out how to take input, do a lookup table (I can do
that), then put the results from the output table into this girl from
oddcast, this would be cool, a great start.  The Jill Stein-ized icon can
wait, but what I want is some means of taking input from a speech to text
and handing it to me, where I will do a lookup table and hand back crackling
witty responses and hand that back to oddcast girl.  I know how to do the
table.  Don't know how to get a speech to text program to hand my script the
text, don't know how to hand the resulting text to oddgirl.  Some of you
might be able to do it however, and I want it, I want it.  Oddcast girl
wants it, but I want it more.  Make it so, ExI software hipsters, make it
soooooo very so.


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