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>...Twenty years is not such a long time.  We have aaaaaalll the 
we need, right now.  Alllllll we need to do is gather the right hipsters
with the right expertise.  We need a motion-icons guy, a speech recognition
guy, a text to speech guy, we need a script writer which I can do to some
extent or we can pool our efforts and make it crowd-sourced content.  Who
here knows how to take a big lookup table and make it pass input/output to a
talking icon? ... DAVAI, DAVAI, DAVAI!  spike  

I was contacted by a Russian speaking friend offlist who educated me on the
tone of the term "davai" leaning more toward the impatient commander, used
by a superior toward a subservient, as would be used by a baboushka
shrieking at her grandchildren to get their lazy asses out of that bed and
get them dressed and aboard the school bus, MOVE it MOVE it MOVE it.

No disrespect intended at all; I don't speak commie.  I learned the term
from Robert Bradbury, who durn sure did use the DAVAI^3 term on me early and
often when he wanted a calculation done forthwith, regardless of how busy I
was with other matters, which was very, in those years.

Now let's get going, shall we?  I am struggling to put together some Python
skills, perhaps to rise to the level of scarcely adequate.  I can do a hash
table I suppose, otherwise I am open to counter-suggestion from my software
superiors.  If I use the DAVAI^3 again, I don't intend any disrespect nor am
I talking down to anyone; merely shrieking impatiently for my colleagues to
get our asses out of bed and get them moving.


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