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>>...If we look at it that way, a modified version of OK Google can almost
already do that, or if OK Google could market a modifiable version of
whatever their script does, I would buy the hell outta that.

>>...Have we any Google people who can propose it to their company?



>...The modified version of OK Google would go out to a specialized database
instead of the web.  Oh this seems like a snap for those talented coders at


You thought I was done with ya?  Well almost.  Kidding bygones, I am not
done with yas until I have something approximating an OK Geezer in my hands.

I had an idea regarding hardware, those HP Chromebooks.  They aren't very
powerful processors, not a lot of memory, not really fast, but they are
rugged and cheap, a perfectly adequate platform for this app.  

A couple hundred bucks gets us a 14" screen, with enough resolution to
showcase Dr. Stein's understated beauty.  It occurred to me that we wouldn't
even need to synchronize the avatar to the speech.  We wouldn't really need
an avatar at all; that is overkill for this purpose.  We could get looping
video of Jill listening, run that video while the patent is talking, then
take looping video of Jill speaking without the sound, and run that while we
deliver the database-generated witty crackling repartee.  That video is
free; we screen capture it from the approximately 7 minutes of total
coverage the mainstream news sources gave Dr. Stein. 

The video is not synchronized with the audio, so it wouldn't work for the
deaf patients.  Those hapless few couldn't hear the entertaining
computer-generated audio but would read her lips and wonder why this
attractive woman responds to any comment regardless of the topic with the
same wacky lecture on why every known or proposed energy source is a bad
thing.  So that needs work.  But for the rest of the patients, that looping
video notion should meet spec.

Or think on this: the video could be customized: instead of Dr. Stein, we
could use looping video of our own perhaps late sweethearts and brides doing
the talking and listening, or our grandchildren if we are lucky enough to
have them, or perhaps even a cherished long-passed pet for those who talked
to their adoring dog.  We could even tune them to specialized stuff, such as
for elderly gay patients: make a lilty-voiced text to speech with looping
video of Rock Hudson and Jim Neighbors.  Or more entertainment-oriented
video, such as commentary by the umpire of college students doing dilduels,
or mixed-gender dildo ice breaking contests, that sorta thing.  Hey that's
video even I would buy.

But I digress.  

Back to the HP Chromebook idea: those things are a couple hundred bucks
each, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.  The low-end memory care facilities cost
more than that per day of residence, that's a lower end facility.  Read that
sentence again and ponder it please.  It isn't a typo or an exaggeration.

HP Chromebooks, one for each patient, or hell why not two?  Then the patient
having a discussion with Jill and Joe might imagine he is telling his
attractive young grandchildren how it was in the old days, or might have fun
listening as Jill and Joe engage each other, trying to outwit or seduce,
that sort of thing.

I think Google might have donated money to get HP Chromebooks for my son's
fifth grade classroom; they have 40 Chromebooks in there and only 28
students.  At 200 a pop I would donate a few to Clare Bridge, if some Google
person would propose this OK Geezer notion and we can make them worth


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