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This article describes some of the latest robot caregivers.


This is great, BillK.  Think of the future:  market in used robots - 'only
worked for aged patients in AC atmosphere; only 2 million miles on the
chassis; software updated for home use; response to loud cursing is
soothing to the user; may need new paint job - dents from missiles thrown
at it'.

And so on.  Wish I could be here for that.  I am a pro at buying  used
cars.  This would be a new challenge.  bill w

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> As the western population ages more people need helpers and carers.
> The main developments are in robots, led by Japan which leads the
> world in an ageing population.
> The speed of development is impressive.
> One article lists the areas where robots are already in use:
> Hospitals – robots travel to patient rooms in the hospital and perform
> stroke diagnostics. They can talk to the patient, review the medical
> record and interact with a physician who is in another location.
> Rehabilitation therapy – robotic exoskeletons are helping people stand
> on their own and walk. There are also robotic prosthetics that can
> help people with disabilities grasp and maneuver objects in their
> environment.
> Companions and socialization – robots are used to keep seniors
> company. They can converse with seniors, give them medication
> reminders and help them maintain an improved quality of life assisting
> with their needs. Socialization with a robotic animal can help seniors
> and caregivers.
> Home monitoring – computer devices that monitor patterns of activity,
> including eating and physical activity as well as safety with that
> data sent to caregivers remotely.
> Cleaning – vacuum cleaners that clean while we do other things, window
> cleaners that wash the windows, robots that mop the floor, robotic
> lawn mowers that keep the yard trimmed, and even pool cleaning robots.
> Home security – while this is in its infant stage, home security
> especially with the use of drones can help keep the property secured.
> In home visits – there is a telepresence robot that can do home visits
> with patients who are homebound when the caregiver is in another
> remote location. The robot can move throughout the senior’s home and
> get a bird’s eye view of the environment and the patient. It can also
> give them medication reminders and other prompts.
> Mobile service robot – CareBot telepresence has been tested in an
> actual home environment assisting older adults. It interacts with the
> older adults, answers questions, assists with daily tasks and operates
> remotely to give the caregiver both audio and video feed. It can
> deliver emergency notifications to remote caregivers such as a fall or
> fire calling 911 for you.
> This article describes some of the latest robot caregivers.
> <http://robohub.org/robots-that-may-help-you-in-your-silver-age/>
> BillK
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