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Subject: [ExI] Robot caregivers

>...As the western population ages more people need helpers and carers.
The main developments are in robots, led by Japan which leads the world in an ageing population.
The speed of development is impressive...
This article describes some of the latest robot caregivers.




Thanks BillK, this is cool.

But... All of these solutions are high-tech expensive, lots of design cost, manufacturing cost, engineering support, repair and maintenance, etc.  I am cheering for Japan Inc, I hope they are wildly successful at this in every way.

But this OK Geezer notion is cheap, simple and immediately foreseeable, with all the moving parts already in existence waiting for someone to put them together and apply them in a new way.

We could team-engineer the content, if we can get someone to either convince Google to work with us using their platform or adapt one of the speech to text packages.

We could have fun with the content and plenty of us know the usual replies to the usual comments:

We:  Google Girl, can we go out?
She:  Define this term "we" Kimsabe.

We:  You and me.
She:  Emm, OK sure we can.  IN YOUR WETTEST DREAM!  And even then only if you bring me flowers and chocolate, and dream up a lot of both.

We:  Wow Google Girl, getting a date with you might be even harder than I thought!
She:  Ja, well, I am every bit as dazzling as I sound.  And so modest I am.  

We:  Sounds like not much has changed since high school.
She:  We hotties can't help it, we were born this way.  And only got hotter from there.

Se:  Anything else besides the chocolate and flowers?
She:  JA!  Lose the geek outfit for starters  Where did you get those clothes?  The dumpster behind the wardrobe stage from That 70s Show?  Time passed, you didn't.

We:  But Google Girl, this is all I have in my closet.
She:  Already suspected that.  How did I ever guess?

Of course, we geeks are accustomed to such cutting insults and generally take it in the spirit in which it was intended, for we knew it isn't so much intended as cruel abuse, but rather more toward: could you please go away and stay there?  That sorta thing, nothing personal, just business.  When we were that age, we just assumed it was that way, for every guy we knew received similar treatment.  Of course everyone we knew were also part of the geek crowd.  That's how we got this way: reinforcing each other's behavior, talking math and computers and such, way back before Jobs and Gates came along.

We knew that it was all harmless repartee, unless the girls resorted to expressing their attitudes with technological enhancements of any kind, such as pepper spray, brass knuckles or sidearms.  We had a saying: it's all just high-spirited fun until someone gets shot.

What was really interesting was the first big class reunion.  The entire geek squad showed up with college degrees in something that could result in an actual "career" and had a ton of money.  You should have seen the confusion!  The girls didn't know what to do!  They didn't know if they should fall back into the intuitive abuse mode, or the more recently learned behavior of respecting and adoring the guy with the most money.  It was instinct vs education, nature vs nurture.  The internal conflict was practically debilitating.

Be that as it may, fond memories from all the good-natured but cruel childhood abuse from the opposite gender will help us write these scripts for OK Google Girl.

We can do this.  Shouldn't cost much, technically it isn't exactly Mount Everest.  Find the right guys with the right charitable attitude and the right bits of tech wisdom, we can do this, we can, we soooo can do this.


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