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All of these solutions are high-tech expensive, lots of design cost,
manufacturing cost, engineering support, repair and maintenance, etc.  I am
cheering for Japan Inc, I hope they are wildly successful at this in every
way.  spike

All the more reason for them to come down down down in price.

AI doing intake interview:

AI - OK, Mrs. Undersmith - have you ever been bedridden?

Mrs. U - Oh Yes, many times!

Will they have a sense of humor?  Or be able to understand nonsense as

bill w

On Sat, Aug 27, 2016 at 3:13 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

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> Subject: [ExI] Robot caregivers
> >...As the western population ages more people need helpers and carers.
> The main developments are in robots, led by Japan which leads the world in
> an ageing population.
> The speed of development is impressive...
> This article describes some of the latest robot caregivers.
> http://robohub.org/robots-that-may-help-you-in-your-silver-age/
> BillK
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> Thanks BillK, this is cool.
> But... All of these solutions are high-tech expensive, lots of design
> cost, manufacturing cost, engineering support, repair and maintenance,
> etc.  I am cheering for Japan Inc, I hope they are wildly successful at
> this in every way.
> But this OK Geezer notion is cheap, simple and immediately foreseeable,
> with all the moving parts already in existence waiting for someone to put
> them together and apply them in a new way.
> We could team-engineer the content, if we can get someone to either
> convince Google to work with us using their platform or adapt one of the
> speech to text packages.
> We could have fun with the content and plenty of us know the usual replies
> to the usual comments:
> We:  Google Girl, can we go out?
> She:  Define this term "we" Kimsabe.
> We:  You and me.
> She:  Emm, OK sure we can.  IN YOUR WETTEST DREAM!  And even then only if
> you bring me flowers and chocolate, and dream up a lot of both.
> We:  Wow Google Girl, getting a date with you might be even harder than I
> thought!
> She:  Ja, well, I am every bit as dazzling as I sound.  And so modest I am.
> We:  Sounds like not much has changed since high school.
> She:  We hotties can't help it, we were born this way.  And only got
> hotter from there.
> Se:  Anything else besides the chocolate and flowers?
> She:  JA!  Lose the geek outfit for starters  Where did you get those
> clothes?  The dumpster behind the wardrobe stage from That 70s Show?  Time
> passed, you didn't.
> We:  But Google Girl, this is all I have in my closet.
> She:  Already suspected that.  How did I ever guess?
> Of course, we geeks are accustomed to such cutting insults and generally
> take it in the spirit in which it was intended, for we knew it isn't so
> much intended as cruel abuse, but rather more toward: could you please go
> away and stay there?  That sorta thing, nothing personal, just business.
> When we were that age, we just assumed it was that way, for every guy we
> knew received similar treatment.  Of course everyone we knew were also part
> of the geek crowd.  That's how we got this way: reinforcing each other's
> behavior, talking math and computers and such, way back before Jobs and
> Gates came along.
> We knew that it was all harmless repartee, unless the girls resorted to
> expressing their attitudes with technological enhancements of any kind,
> such as pepper spray, brass knuckles or sidearms.  We had a saying: it's
> all just high-spirited fun until someone gets shot.
> What was really interesting was the first big class reunion.  The entire
> geek squad showed up with college degrees in something that could result in
> an actual "career" and had a ton of money.  You should have seen the
> confusion!  The girls didn't know what to do!  They didn't know if they
> should fall back into the intuitive abuse mode, or the more recently
> learned behavior of respecting and adoring the guy with the most money.  It
> was instinct vs education, nature vs nurture.  The internal conflict was
> practically debilitating.
> Be that as it may, fond memories from all the good-natured but cruel
> childhood abuse from the opposite gender will help us write these scripts
> for OK Google Girl.
> We can do this.  Shouldn't cost much, technically it isn't exactly Mount
> Everest.  Find the right guys with the right charitable attitude and the
> right bits of tech wisdom, we can do this, we can, we soooo can do this.
> spike
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