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All of these solutions are high-tech expensive, lots of design cost, manufacturing cost, engineering support, repair and maintenance, etc.  I am cheering for Japan Inc, I hope they are wildly successful at this in every way.  spike


>…All the more reason for them to come down down down in price…


Ja.  But any form of hardware has a rock bottom minimum price.  Software does not.



>…AI doing intake interview:


>…AI - OK, Mrs. Undersmith - have you ever been bedridden?


>…Mrs. U - Oh Yes, many times!


… Oh and at least twice in a haystack!  That I know of…




>…Will they have a sense of humor?  Or be able to understand nonsense as nonsense?  bill w


Hope so.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to communicate with them at all.  They would be off trying to make sense of the haystack notion.  


BillW, this is an important point.  If we make an effective Jill and Joe, the responses have a huge margin for error.  It can be allowed as much leeway as we allow impaired humans.  Or even those of us only mildly impaired.  Picture in your mind’s ear your yakky annoying neighbor who loves to drone on and on about nothing.  You might smile politely and cue off of anything anywhere in her commentary you might find interesting.  When she speaks, all we hear is




and we are free to respond with something like: I used to have a Mercury Grand Marquis.  Heck of a car, lots of power, smooth…


She might have been chattering on about a local city council candidate who came by to discuss a burglary suspect or school board participation, but her take on it was too inane to attempt actual dialog.  With that comment, you can see why I know all the common flavors of pepper spray.


The point is, a soft companion, or Jill and Joe, could have very broad leeway on how to respond to any comment.  That will make it a lot easier to do, for if the software has no idea what the carbon-based interlocutor said, Jill can just choose any random comment as a conversation starter, such as her take on the upcoming international dildo ice breaking Olympics.





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