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Maybe the app I want is already out there too. I always feel sad that when I look at a tree, or a flower, or a dog, or a car, all I think is: tree, flower, dog, car…. I know the the trees and flowers have species names as well as colloquial names, that the dogs have breeds, that the cars have whatever cars have. It would be cool if an app would point, click and tell me the name. Of course, it would work really well with a visual overlay in a GoogleGlass type device too, but even if it had the extra step of taking a picture, it would be cool. 


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>>> ... My phone knows where I am always.  I want it to tell me when I am near
>> or upon interesting landmarks, historical stuff.  Here I am right near 
>> some of the oldest remaining landmarks in the Silicon revolution...  I
> want to know that 
>> kinda stuff.  No particular reason, might not even cover my head and 
>> worship prostrate before it.  Well, OK I might do that.
>> ...There's an app for that! Try downloading "Field Trip" for your smart
> phone (whichever variety you use.)  Disclaimer: I used to work for the group
> that produced Field Trip...
> Cool, thanks Chris!  Where the heck have you been hanging out, me lad?  We
> haven't heard from you in a long time.
>> ...BTW: I like your concept of "the next 20"...Chris Hibbert
> At least 20.  This is one of the few tech advances that will not take us by
> surprise.  We can see this one coming, and we want it.  
> When we are right there at the place where something happened, we take a new
> interest, we learn about that topic.  It takes on a reality that we miss
> when we are elsewhere.  Your Field Trip app is app-ropriately named.  Well
> done sir.
> Consider, that place over not far from that first Fairchild building, where
> they are building the Apple Mothership.  How many geeks are going to know
> what was there before the flying saucer?  HP had its headquarters there.  I
> never worked at HP, but I had friends who did, and lived just across the
> way.  We used to go walk the HP campus, just because it was a nice, clean
> safe place to exercise.  In the old days it was an open campus.  
> I want the Field Trip app to give us a feel of the fourth dimension, to tell
> us when we are over there and cross Homestead on Wolfe going south: Today
> this is Steve Jobs' vision of an office building, but before that HP had its
> head shed here, from 1960 to 2009 and yakkity yak and bla bla, and before
> that this was a cherry orchard and before that the Ohlone people
> unsuccessfully struggled to master knapped flint, and before that the
> mastodon roamed the area, etc.
> I want to have it give me a good useful logarithmic timeline.  If we had
> that everywhere, we would get a better feel for where we are on the timeline
> of technological history and where the next few decades might take us.
> spike
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