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​OK, I concede.  But can the drones be easily detected on radar when they fly, say, 100 feet high?  Birds can detect those easily and maybe radar can't.

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It would depend on the application, what it is you are trying to defend and your budget.


If the target is what they showed the eagle attacking, you would use something higher frequency than radio waves, probably a dual or multispectral detector going all the way up into near IR or possibly even into the visible spectrum, have a processor figure out what it is and whack it out of the sky.  For plenty of applications, you would want to recover the device, see what Snoopy had in mind, figure out who launched it, perhaps by recovering DNA, or downloading onboard memory.


If the drone is delivering an explosive device for instance, the constables want to study that and find out whodunit.


If they only had a GoPro and wanted to take photos at the local nudist colony, it isn’t as complicated, and doesn’t warrant anything more than a drone hawk, Mister Twelve Gage or even just a well-aimed water hose.  Then you get the device and the photos.  On the other hand, if you have ever actually been to a nudist colony you might question the value of risking a perfectly good toy drone for photos of that.






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