[ExI] Gravitational Waves Detected By LIGO!

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Anders, cool, but we need to know how GW energy would interact with matter
before we conclude that it would nuke biomes.

>.OK, I was using the normal style of energy estimates used in supernova
xrisk considerations.

>.Now, for gravitational waves being lethal, the strain must presumably be
large enough to cause induction of forces that are damaging. To a ~1 m
object like a human, you probably need a strain on the order of more than
1/100 to induce damage (1/10 seems really likely to do it). The strain
scales as 1/r, so given that the detected strain here was on the order of
10^-19, we get dangerous strain when 10^17 times closer to the source (which
is at around 410 Mpc). That is, we get dangerous strain within 126,526

>.So I would not worry about gravity waves. 

Anders Sandberg
Cool, thanks I am feeling better already.
When I was doing these calcs a long time ago it was before the internet
really amounted to much of anything.  I don't recall using the strain
criterion.  Really don't remember how the hell I figured it out and can't
find the calcs.  I found the notebooks from that timeframe, but not those
Shows to go ya: write it in some form you can retrieve it later.
Now that I think about it, I have never seen merging black holes or GWs as
an explanation for the silence of the cosmos.
Oh this is a fun time to be alive, oh my, oooooooh what an orgasmic time to
be here.
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