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On Thu, Feb 11, 2016 at 4:37 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> ​> ​
> Here’s one for you, since I am drifting off the topic anyway: ants do die
> in the microwave, if you put them on the outside of a turntable.  You need
> to have them in something so they don’t just wander away.  I haven’t tried
> it with other beasts, but don’t bother contacting SPCA, they don’t care
> about bugs.  They might as well call it SPCM because they think anything
> that isn’t a mammal isn’t an animal.  Silly persons.

Speaking of
​ ​
​ ​
if you have one and a chocolate bar you can measure the speed of light. Put
the chocolate bar
​ ​
in the oven for about 20 seconds then measure the distance between
​the spots of ​
melted chocolate.
​ ​
​ ​
ovens work at 2.45 gigahertz
​ ​
so if you double the distance
​you measured ​
(to get a full wavelength) and then multiply that by
​ ​
​ ​
you should get 3
,000,000, meters per second.

I guess ants aren't smart enough to move to a point halfway between hot

 John K Clark
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