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>…I guess ants aren't smart enough to move to a point halfway between hot spots.


 John K Clark


On the contrary John.  Get a sheet of paper, make a nearly closed goo ring with bait in the middle of the ring.  Let the ants find it.  Wait until there are plenty of them, then close the goo ring with a number of them inside.  Put the whole thing in the microwave and let em have it.  They do move away from the hotspots.


Now if you put them inside a plastic or glass container and set the container on the perimeter of a turntable, they then move in and out of the hotspots, which I already knew about.  In that case, they perish.  


I was eleven years old when microwave ovens first came along, and oh what a toy that was.  Such a wonderful physic lab is a microwave oven.  We take them for granted now, but not so much in 1972.





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