[ExI] Conspiracy epistemology (Was: cut off worried)

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Subject: [ExI] Conspiracy epistemology (Was: cut off worried) 

    On 2016-02-16 04:38, spike wrote:

      Camping in Death valley no Internet no radio email
        intermittent.  Hearing wild stories from other campers pls
        refute oh pls do.  

...The best one I have heard is that it was Leonard Nimoy, ruler of the
    Illuminati (he faked his death, you know)

Ja the difference is you have access to actual crazies with your internet.  Down here I am hearing conflicting stories by otherwise sane but information deprived humans.  This all has me thinking about what happens if some clever ransomware creator manages to take down the information super highway until we pay a hundred billion dollars.  After three days of this we might pay.
We heard a major Hollywood hospital was attacked by ransom ware while cosmetic surgery was being performed, and they accidentally turned Ms Jenner back into a man.
We need to do some hard thinking about what happens if the Internet crashes hard.

...A philosopher colleague pointed out that it is a strange world where
    some of the best work in epistemology is being done by the US
    intelligence community (especially IARPA). 

It surprises me that you would find that strange.  DarPA is perhaps the leading think tank in this strange world with perhaps the most difficult task, foreseeing every imaginable way the DoD could be attacked.
Anders you can be sure Darpa studies your black swan papers.
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