[ExI] Conspiracy epistemology (Was: cut off worried)

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>...I have found the best way to run a "conspiracy" is multiple very small

HAH!  Finally, we have PROOF!  There really IS a conspiracy, and BillK
dunnit!  BillK don't EVEN give us the old "I was in England at the time"
innocent act.  You admitted to running not just one conspiracy, but being
experienced enough to learn the best way.

Here's something for you lads.  We usually dismiss anything outlandish as a
crazy conspiracy theory.  It seems reasonable to assume that once in a very
long while, it really is a conspiracy.  Once in a very long while, there is
a really bad event such as the 9/11 attack, both 2001 and 2012, and in those
cases there damn sure was a conspiracy, big ones both times.

How do we deal with these cases where a conspiracy or wrongdoing is very
unlikely but possible?

The Judge Scalia case worries me for two reasons.  The actions of those
present will keep conspiracy theories going for the rest of our lives.
Second: being a cryonics fan, it worries me that this case will cause
lawmakers to require autopsies.

Question medical hipsters please: with only a blood sample, could the medics
determine if a guy had a heart attack or was smothered?  Is there a
difference in anything in the blood?


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