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On Sat, Jan 16, 2016 at 7:04 AM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:

> Diplomacy is a kick, if you get enough people with sufficient attention
> span.  This is getting harder.

Or do online versions.  I know there was one a few years ago, but too often
it devolved to the gunboat version because nobody was willing to talk to
anyone else...except there'd often be a couple players who did talk, and of
course in 6 games where 2 specific players talk and the other 5 don't, you
can expect on average those 2 players will win 3 each and the other 5 get
nothing.  Even when I tried talking I'd get no response, so I was never
able to be one of those 2.

I have in mind an online version of Paranoia Risk where the six players
> only see what the other five are doing, but then you have an undisclosed
> crowd of people seeing everything and betting on the outcome, Ideas Futures
> style.

That Conquer Club I mentioned has a "fog of war" mode, which can be applied
alongside or separately from Assassin mode.  You only see your pieces and
those you can attack.  Spectators, having no pieces, only get summary
information.  https://www.conquerclub.com/game.php?game=16240045 is one Fog
game that I'm in, though that's not an Assassin game.  (Given what you know
about me, you may be able to guess what my handle is over there.  If not,
the above paragraph about online Diplomacy has a hint which also applies to
what a non-logged-in person can see on this game's page.)

They have modeled what you suggest.  Unfortunately, in far too many cases,
someone created a sock puppet that was "someone else", infiltrated the pool
of people able to see everything, and communicated outside the site's
control (by being the same person in truth) to one of the players.  There
does not seem to be a practical way to prevent this.  (Emphasis:
"practical", given that any remotely realistic game site will never be able
to justify the kind of intrusive total control needed to even come close to
preventing such dual-identity shenanigans, or simply having a trusted
offline confederate.)
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