[ExI] paranoia risk

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Jan 16 15:04:07 UTC 2016

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>...Try the 'Diplomacy' game if you want back-stabbing.  :)


Diplomacy is a kick, if you get enough people with sufficient attention span.  This is getting harder.

I have in mind an online version of Paranoia Risk where the six players only see what the other five are doing, but then you have an undisclosed crowd of people seeing everything and betting on the outcome, Ideas Futures style.  Each bettor gets some play money as a starting point from which to buy and sell shares on who wins.  The player who wins has her shares go to a value of a dollar, the others go to nada.

Then the shares are bought, sold and traded during the game by bettors who do not know who is stalking whom, but is trying to infer this info from the actions of unknown but sophisticated players.

I am trying to work out a die share: the first player to be exterminated has her die share go to a dollar, non-first diers go to nada.  We could perhaps set up mean shares: the person closest to the average number of armies at the end of the game has her mean share go to a dollar.  We could imagine all kinds of variations, such as a gap share: the person with the biggest total difference in her number of armies at the end of the game between her and the next ranked player above and below has her gap share go to a dollar. 

We could set up investment instruments, mutual funds, risk management, hedge funds, do all that fun stuff we used to do in play money Ideas Futures before real money Ideas Futures came along which devoured all the best players and ruined our game.  Robin Hanson has shown that any play money betting game can have a real money version built on top of it with no effort, liability or involvement required on the part of the guy who set up the play money version.


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