[ExI] Nobel laureates tell Greenpeace to stop, opposing GMOs

Chris Hibbert hibbert at mydruthers.com
Tue Jul 5 18:17:57 UTC 2016

William Flynn Wallace replied
> Further:  we libertarians have to concede that the feds have a place
> in the world.  We need more regulation like inspection of foreign
> foods we import.

Even if I concede that there is a role for a Federal government, 
intervention in the food market is not necessarily part of it.

Private organizations certifying the content would do just fine. And 
very little of the foreign imports are getting to consumers through 
roadside stands and farmer's markets. It's mostly coming in through 
grocery chains who have a lot to lose if they're not paying attention to 
what they sell. If the Feds weren't assuring us that the food is all 
safe (when we know they can't have (and don't claim to have) inspected 
and monitored everything then the shippers and sellers would spend more 
of their own money on it.

 > That's a wide open door for terrorists to get through.

If terrorists want to poison our food supply to get us, they could do it 
domestically just as easily.

> The supplements we take are unregulated:  Consumer Reports says that many
> supplements don't have what the label says they have, or not in the amounts
> they say they do.   Where is the FDA?

We aren't going to give the FDA enough money to monitor everything, so 
we'd be better off finding another way (Consumer Reports comes to mind) 
to inspect and label.


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