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>…The lab where I work at Northwestern is using sound to get the same benefits of TMS for certain applications… Giovanni 



Too late Giovanni, sound was already being used for that application back when my parents were teenagers.  That’s how I got here.  


Oh, wait, you were talking about that other…


It occurred to me I might be able to make one of these devices, not your sound thing but the electromagnet TMS device.  I bet I can make a homebrew signal generator with a Raspberry Pi, then generate signals using equations.  We could use that to drive the voltage on an electromagnet.  


Hey for that matter we could just take any old speaker, remove the paper cone and base magnet and we don’t even need to make anything; it already has the voice coil with the iron core, everything already connected to wires, ready for our signal input.  Now all we need to do is figure out how to put the whole thing in some kind of wearable device.  


We could even take the sound signals from our favorite rock-n-roll music, pump the signal through the voice coil, create a magnetic field with the same rhythms and such, completely without sound, only EM.  If that works and enhances performance, I might try putting it against my head too.



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