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BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 15:52:31 UTC 2016

On 14 July 2016 at 15:10, Keith Henson  wrote:
> On a negative note, PV is black. The part of sunlight not turned into
> electric power heats the cells and the air around them, the rest
> degrades to heat at the end of the power lines. Paving large parts of
> the world’s deserts with PV is going to warm up the earth, exactly how
> much is under discussion.

A new report is worried about the shade of PV panels cooling the
ground below and points toward shade-loving plants being required.

According to the paper published in the journal Environmental Research
Letters, the microclimate around the bank of photovoltaic panels
studied near Swindon in the UK changed by as much as 5 degrees
Celsius, depending on the season. While this might seem like an
obvious side effect of creating a big field of artificial shade, the
researchers from Lancaster University and the Centre for Ecology and
Hydrology are concerned about the impact on the plants and soil
underneath all those solar panels.


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