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Keith Henson hkeithhenson at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 14:10:16 UTC 2016

“I am not sure the global warming–CO2 theories are 100% right either”

Neither am I. However, ending/reversing the build up of CO2 in the
context of really inexpensive and practically unlimited energy can’t

Last few days I have been at a really upbeat conference on research at
the ISS with speakers such as Peter Diamandis.
http://www.issconference.org/ The general thrust of people such as
Peter is that Moore’s law will save us. The difficulty is that we are
not shrinking humans and their impact on the environment like we have
been shrinking features on silicon.

Still, it’s been a most productive conference. I met a person from the
Office of Management and Budget. Asked what it would be worth to stop
and reverse the buildup of CO2 without causing a depression from high
energy prices. “A lot,” and we discussed ways to start funding the

Also, last night, a small group of us decided to go after this
Regardless of the outcome, getting the concept of low cost energy from
space critically esamined can’t hurt.

On a negative note, PV is black. The part of sunlight not turned into
electric power heats the cells and the air around them, the rest
degrades to heat at the end of the power lines. Paving large parts of
the world’s deserts with PV is going to warm up the earth, exactly how
much is under discussion.


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