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 One problem is that this time the US only has a choice between Trump

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and Clinton.Nothing for the smart dimension to vote for there. 


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 ### This is a very good way of saying it!

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Except it's not true because we've got Gary Johnson.

​You've not only got Gary Johnson you've also got Jill Stein of the Green Party, but most Americans have never heard of either one and neither is going to be the next president. Casting a protest vote feels nice but letting a fascist like Trump become leader of the western world and giving him the keys to a Trident Nuclear Submarine seems like a high price to pay for that nice feeling. ​



​ John K Clark​




That argument only applies to about six states.  If we want to go with the pragmatic argument, one can check the opinion polls in one’s state the week before the election, then if it isn’t within the margin of error, the outcome is certain and one gets to vote however they want without fear of contributing to the winner’s margin.  If that catches on of course, then the results of the polls beforehand saying the outcome is certain causes the outcome to become uncertain.


In any case, most yanks live in states which are permanently safe.  Three good examples: California, New York and Texas.  If the election is even anywhere near close in any of those three states, then it is not anywhere near close at the national level.  So people in those three states are free to vote for whomever they wish for the foreseeable.  Result: people in NY, TX and CA are free to vote their conscience.  People in plenty of other states are free to vote their conscience as well.  I highly recommend it.


In fact, I recommend changing the name from protest vote to conscience vote.  Do the right thing by your way of seeing things.  Start in the three known free states.  May the notion spread to the rest of them.  






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