[ExI] I Miss The King of Extropia

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 10:49:34 UTC 2016

On 20 July 2016 at 22:41, Anders wrote:
> It is a bit sad and reflective of the current state of the list that this
> question never got answered, but the thread taken over by politics.
> I guess the true answer is that MM is busy with his transhumanist job. And
> that extropianism is only as alive as people expounding and expanding it.
> Asking and authority for a place of true freedom seems a bit discordant.
> Create a place of true freedom, and attract people with the glory of the
> discourse.

I agree that currently the list is too much involved in arguing about
current politics. There are plenty of other places on the net where
such rage and frustration can be given free range.

Extropy Institute closed in late 2006. (Ten years ago!).  (Yes,
really! Ten years ago!).

The Exi-chat list description says 'We welcome innovative discussions
pertaining to scientific, technological, philosophical, artistic,
economic, and social perspectives on the future'.

Current politics is not mentioned, though people argue that politics
affects the future, so should be discussed. Unfortunately politics is
a never-ending argument, regardless of who wins elections every few

The content of the list is down to list members agreeing what are
appropriate subjects for discussion and moderators guiding the
discussions in those directions. If a discussion goes out of bounds or
goes on too long with no end in sight, then it may need to be ended by
the moderators.

But list content really is up to the members. The more that Kevin
contributes to discussions then the more the list 'atmosphere' will
include his ideas and opinions.


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