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>.The thing to be *really* worried about is automation of law enforcement.
If state power can be implemented without any need of citizen participation,
it becomes a very frightening thing indeed.)

Dr Anders Sandberg
Ja.  This is a multi-faceted question, but overall I am optimistic.  If RC
vehicles are available, the constables have a much greater potential to
deliver non-lethal means of stopping the shooter.  I can imagine several
possibilities, such as a tranquilizer dart and sticky foam, a super-soaker
that fires hot water, a stun-gun armed drone, an armored robot that draws
fire from the perp but doesn't do much damage, that sort of thing.
The Santa Clara County Sheriff's office has several different experimental
devices they demonstrated at a local tech tech show.  It can climb stairs,
retrieve bombs, deliver bombs and so forth.  The geek crowd loved it.  
If the agencies have that kind of tech available, I can see it as a safety
item for both the force and the perp.
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