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On Jul 22, 2016 3:36 PM, "William Flynn Wallace" <foozler83 at gmail.com>
> I love new and different and have always been very high on openness to
experience.  For instance, a trilogy by Cixin Liu is excellent (Three Body
Problem the first book).  Wish there were a lot more.

There is, but you have to look more widely.  Try online texts - stuff
people wrote and distributed digitally, but never put the money into
publishing in a physical book.

Being able to create your own content helps too.  That way you can just
make the kind of stuff you want (and perhaps share it if what you're into
has any sort of sizable fanbase).  Or just learn how to identify the
elements - try looking up your favorite works on http://tvtropes.org/ and
see how many of the aspects listed you noticed.  (And if they missed any
you know of, maybe add them to the work's article.)

As I write this I am listening to music that did not exist a few years
ago.  This is easily the 10th, possibly 20th, time I have listened to this
particular song in the past few months (partly because I have had need of
something to drown out certain environmental noises).  By this time a few
years from now, possibly as early as next year, I expect I will have tired
of it and moved on, perhaps to something that will come into existence
between now and then.  Over the next few days I shall be whipping up more
stories - for fun this weekend, then an interview for CubeCab (which is
both work and an attempt to fix a significant aspect of the world) next

There is always more to discover, enjoy, and create.  Stop doing that - or,
worse, refuse to do that - for long enough and you start to die.  That's no
metaphor: stop being mentally active and the body begins shutting down.  It
happens faster the older you get, and there are other factors (stopping
this shutdown does not grant immortality by itself), but staying active is
the simplest life extension possible right now.

If you think life is too boring, you can fix that (and not in the "creating
disasters you have to clean up" sense)...and it may be worth your life to
fix it.
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